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Hill Country Village Venue

12475 Ellerbe Road in Shreveport

Dreams come true at
Hill Country Village Venue.

Embrace the charm of a bygone era at Hill Country Venue in Shreveport, LA! Nestled amidst the beautiful landscapes, our rustic old country store sets the stage for a wedding straight out of a fairytale.

Step into a world where weathered wooden beams and the scent of history create an enchanting backdrop for your special day. Our venue exudes the warmth of a rustic old country store, offering a timeless setting for couples seeking a touch of vintage elegance.

Transform your business meetings, family reunions, birthday parties, and rehearsal dinners into unforgettable moments in our versatile space. The centerpiece of our venue is the rustic barn, featuring enchanting sliding doors that open to reveal a world of timeless elegance.

Picture your business strategy sessions or corporate retreats taking place in the heart of history, surrounded by the authenticity of weathered wood and the rustic allure of sliding barn doors. Our venue offers a unique and inspiring backdrop that fosters creativity and collaboration.

For family reunions and birthday parties, the barn becomes a canvas for memories, with its rusting charm adding character to every moment. Create lasting memories against the backdrop of history, where laughter and joy resonate in a space that feels both intimate and expansive.

Rehearsal dinners acquire a magical ambiance as the barn doors slide open to reveal a space that perfectly complements the anticipation of the upcoming nuptials. The rusting charm of the barn becomes a symbol of enduring love, setting the tone for a beautiful celebration.

At Hill Country Venue, we invite you to embrace the versatility of our rustic setting – where sliding barn doors and rusting charm enhance every occasion. Whether it’s a business affair or a family celebration, let the warmth of history and the magic of the barn make your event truly special

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